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COC Official Jason Parks faces off in snowy Durham, NC

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"*UPDATED 2/24/13* NCAA Rules and Mechanics Changes -  Use the "2013 MEMOS" link above.


*NEW*  Q&A:

Situation (#20130225a) OFFSIDES:
Q: Team A, in their attack half of the field, is found to be offsides, with more than 7 players in their attack half of the field. Officials blow the whistle, signal the offsides, and award the ball to Team B at the spot of the ball, inside the goal area. Team B is ready for a quick restart, but Team A remains offsides. How should officials conduct the restart?

A: Team B is entitled to a quick restart. Team A is responsible for getting themselves onsides without gaining an advantage. If Team A takes advantage of the extra player in that half of the field to prevent Team B from clearing the ball, the officials should throw a flag and administer an offsides foul when the slow-whistle situation ends. If Team A does not take advantage of the extra player, allow play to continue.

Situation (#20130225b) CREASE RESTARTS:
Q: A1, in his attack area on the goalline-extended, is called for Warding Off. He drops the ball and B1 picks it up and quickly tosses it to his teammate, B2 Goalkeeper in the crease. May play be restarted with the ball in the Goalie's possession inside the crease?

A: Not in this case. Restarts with the ball in the Goalie's possession inside the crease should only take place if the ball was in the crease or in the goal at the time of the whistle stopping play, or if the Goalie can reach the ball and pick it up for the restart without leaving his crease.

Many more to come!

Got an interesting play situation, or a question involving the 2013 NCAA Rules changes? Send it to situations@coclax.org and we'll try to answer it. You may even see it here.

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