Here I am with Amanda on  our bikes.  Amanda can't ride on her own yet.  But, we can make a difference!

Amanda was born with a deletion in her 18th chromosome.   This deletion leaves her unable to sit, walk, talk, crawl or grasp objects. She also has developmental and cognitive delays, as well as many other medical problems.

Click here to learn more about Amanda, and how we can help.

The Details


This site chronicles a cross-country bicycle trip I took in the summer of 2004.  I originally planned the trip with no cause in mind other than personal experience.  But, at the urging of several friends, and after officiating a lot of lacrosse games with my friend Tom Hoeland, I changed my mind.  You can read about Amanda and the Hoeland family on this site.

began my trip on Tuesday, June 8th, leaving Philadelphia on a three-legged train trip to Astoria, Oregon (via Chicago and Portland, OR).  I arrived in Astoria Friday evening, June 11.  On Tuesday morning, June 15th, l started my 90-day ride home.  Of course, it would have been easier to fly west than to train, but I've always wanted to take a train across the country.  And the train gave me a glimpse of the territory I'd cover by bike on the way home.

I planned to stay in motels one or two nights per week, and camp the rest to cut my overall cost. But circumstances forced me to spend more time in motels than I'd hoped.   Camping was in a mix of national, state, and city parks, and private campgrounds.  I started out cooking as many of my own meals as possible. In the end, in many places it was easier (and no more expensive) to take advantage of cheap, plentiful food in local establishments- often no more than a gas station.

You can follow my journey on these pages.  I updated them with photos and stories as often as possible during the trip, and am still working to finish the dispatches. Keep checking back here for more pages. I hope you enjoy them-  and that they encourage you to take the journey of your dreams.

David Seidman


First Dispatch: Train Trip


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