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Current Location (as of 8/12/04): Pueblo Colorado

Miles traveled from Astoria:  2200


The Adventure Cycling TransAmerica Route was originally mapped in 1976.  Since then, at least 12,000 riders  have ridden the route.



Adventure Cycling

and it's TransAm Route


The Adventure Cycling Association , founded in 1974, is a resource offering many programs for cyclists, including a national network of bicycle touring routes and organized trips.  The TransAmerica trail, their original route, is still the greatest and most used route crossing America.  The route is 4247.5 miles long, running from Astoria, Oregon on the Pacific Ocean, to Yorktown, Virginia at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

I will complete my trip by riding home to Philadelphia from Yorktown.  A cycling friend or two plan to join me for this final leg of the trip.

I have chosen to ride west-to-east.  Yes, this theoretically means that the prevailing winds should be at my back.  But, unfortunately, this isn't generally true.  According to many riders' logs, the most frequently encountered winds are crosswinds, no matter which way the rider is going.