West Yellowstone to Rawlins (Yellowstone and Teton Parks)


Missoula to West Yellowstone


Baker City to Missoula


Eugene to Baker City


Eugene, and Bike Friday


Astoria to Eugene




Train Trip


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Dispatches may be accessed at left.  They are listed with the latest at the top.  New Dispatches will be added as frequently as possible.

Due to some computer problems that surfaced in Yellowstone, I am two weeks behind in my updates.  The Route page will have the most current location information until I catch up.

Note:  A limited number of photos on the dispatch pages may be viewed in larger size in a separate browser window, or in a separate slide show.  Roll your cursor over the photos, and if it changes to a hand, click to view the larger version.  Or, select the link to the slide show (if there is one) at the bottom of the page.

Due to limited storage space on the server (and a long way to go, and lots more photos to take), I can't do this with every page.